Ever thought of getting pet photos?  I have done some really nice pet portraits in the past.  Anywhere from little to large pets and livestock.  While I like to continue this I think it is also time to add some flare into my projects.  They’ll take a little longer, but I think they’ll be well worth the extra time.

Let’s get creative!  Come to my studio and let’s work together on some super amazing creative ways to let your pets shine!

To the side you see one of my favourite products!  It is a gorgeous large print covered in 1/8 inch of clear resin.  It is hard to capture in a photograph, but it will literally make your pet shine!

This is a very unique piece of art work and not available in stores.  I prepare these locally.

Animal Photo Shoot

Here are a few tips you want to do before the photo shoot.

  • Grooming
  • Run, this helps to get the energy level down a bit.
  • Snackies, your pets favourite snacks
  • Toys, your pets favourite toy
  • Attention grabbers, something your pet reacts to well and is familiar with.

None of these are required, but may help in making your pet more at ease in a different environment (if you come to my location) as we also have dogs.  Just something to keep in mind. Plan for roughly one hour and a half.  Sometimes it may just take a bit longer to capture your pets unique personality.

Regular Studio Shots

Want Photos?

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