Pet Photos to make lasting impressions.  I use a portable studio for indoor photo shoots at your house or apartment.  Depending on the size of your pet(s) the space needed is roughly 12 x 9.  If space is limited you are welcome to travel to my Stoney Creek Location.  Outside photo shoots can be done anywhere, i.e. dog park, your backyard, beach…
Samples can be viewed in the gallery below.  Contact me to book.

I have a few products you can choose from, whether they are the photos I did for you, or you already have your very own awesome photos.  I offer prints and photo blocks.  Photo Blocks are covered in a thick layer of resin that will cure to a crystal clear thick coat giving it a super unique look.  Prints are available on only the best Fine Art paper.  Visit the Product page:

Animal Photo Shoot

All Photo shoots done at my location will not cost you anything up front.  If I come to your location, or your chosen location there will be a small travelling and set up fee.  You  only pay for the photos you want or if you do not like any you are not obligated to buy.

Here are a few tips you want to do before the photo shoot.

  • Grooming
  • Run, this helps to get the energy level down a bit.
  • Snackies, your pets favourite snacks
  • Toys, your pets favourite toy
  • Attention grabbers, something your pet reacts to well and is familiar with.

None of these are required, but may help in making your pet more at ease in a different environment (if you come to my location) as we also have dogs.  Just something to keep in mind. Plan for roughly one hour and a half.  Sometimes it may just take a bit longer to capture your pets unique personality.

Sneak Peeks to some Previous Images

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