Argentine Black and White Tegu

I recently did a little photo shoot with one of the best Local reptile handlers I have encountered so far.   The variety of animals he had available were just awesome!  I have more to come, but this little (3 foot ) Argentine Black and White Tegu was one of the best models.  Looking right more »

Frozen Planet done in Photoshop

  This is a Frozen Planet done in photoshop.  A really neat looking planet just at the verge of exploding.  The cracks show the cold Energy trying to break free from its hard but now brittle shell.  And when it does break free, who knows what it will create?  Will it create water particles, spraying more »

Smokey Planet

Creating Space and Planets in Photoshop are really fun.  These are one of my favorite things to do.  Here you can go along in creating your own Smokey planet effect.  This is just a basic one, you could add texture to the planet as well, and also add stars and more planets in the background. more »

Silence of Freedom

This is a fictional short story to make a skeptical in the supernatural have a terrifying encounter with a  ghost.  This story is close to 3200 words. DOES contain bad language! DOES contain violence! Silence of Freedom “You are nuts.” He snorts, sitting in the hospital chair next to my bed. “Look, you don’t have more »