Call for Dog Models!

This project is beginning in 2017.  Calling for expressive dog models NOW!

The Dramatic Dog Portraiture Project is in low light, looking for outlines using a minimal light source.  Any short hair dogs would be suited well for this, but we can try with longer haired dogs as well.  I may mix it to have a few high key images as well, light coloured dogs would be best for that.

These images are meant to be artistic and not your regular pet portrait.  There is no charge for the photo shoot, and you will have the option to download Social Media sized images to share with friends.

The project may go to crowd-sourcing for publication, this depends on the amount of perfect images I can produce from January to September 2017.

If you are interested, please send an email to semisarahcreative@gmail.com or semisarah@icloud.com and don’t forget to attach a photo of your dog.